Holiday Travel looks with Catherines Plus!

That moment when you are booking a trip for the holidays to fly home to see friends and family or you are traveling to that destination you have been saving for all year and you think “You know I need to start becoming more of a morning person, I will book this 6 am flight. I will get there early and totally make the most of my time at my destination.” Then that alarm goes off on the day of at 3 am and you sit their contemplating why did I make this life choice, I am not a morning person! Then approximately 5 snooze alarms later you throw on any clothes that are within reach in a hurry and sprint like a madwoman to your gate at the airport right before the doors closes. With a sigh of relief and a bit of sweat you have made your flight, but then realize you are still wearing your pajama shirt and it is inside out and backwards.


Ok, so maybe some of you have not experienced this personally, but I maybe…sort of…ok…yes I totally have. So when going on my next excursion I have made it a habit to start laying out my clothes the night before so I can just pick up and go. Now for these early flights the key is totally comfort especially if you want to catch some Z’s on the flight, but you still want to look put together.

On my latest trip I actually sported this flare sleeve knit sweater from Catherines Plus with leggings and ankle boots. I felt total comfort and with the bit of flare sleeve it made me feel like I could hop off the plane and start my day with a quick change of the bottoms into jeans and I am ready to go!

Catherines Plus has a serious selection online and in store, but I have done a bit of a roundup for you guys on my top travel sweater picks on my Instagram stories today. Also, if you live in the DMV Catherines just recently opened a store in Capital Heights, Maryland! The staff there are super friendly and they have an amazing selection from casual to night out looks and also athletic wear. What is your travel go-to looks? Share them with me guys!



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