What’s on my Playlist!

Isn’t it amazing how a song can tap into so many different emotions or take you back in your memory to a place and time.  It almost is a bit of a magical feeling. Like it can literally take you in your mind back to the place, the people, even the smell of what you can remember when that song was playing. Although songs can elude to the feeling of happiness and joy it can also remind us of heartbreak or sadness.

I have Pandora on literally every minute that I can because I love being able to find new artists or songs that may come across the playlist when I am going for a run or working away. When I do find something that I love grooving too I will screenshot it or jot it down into my Iphone notes. Every couple of months I will look back at this list and have a bit of a throwback music night and play these tunes.  Some make me laugh, dance, cry, cry some more, or just fall asleep too. So I thought it would be fun for you guys to get a peek into this play list. Have a listen and enjoy. You never know you may find your new favorite tune! What is your favorite song, I want to hear all about it!



Amy Winehouse- Help Yourself

Black Keys- Never Gonna Give You Up

Devotchka- New World

Music for a Found Harmonium- Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Hot Like Sauce- Pretty Lights

What Now- Rihanna

Open Arms- Journey

Storms- Best Coast

Slow Down- Yellow Claw

Footsprints- Sia

Annie’s Song- John Denver

The Night we Met- Lord Huron

Jungle Lady- Lion Babe

Sparks- Coldplay

DJ Snake- Middle

Neko Case- I Wish I was the Moon



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