Who What Wear from Target!

When asked who designed the the new top I bought last weekend, my response has been Who What Wear. Then their response is “wait, no I asked you.” Not going to lie, it is quite a comical back and forth, but in all seriousness the website Who What Wear is amazing, you need to know all about it and become a fan like myself!  Their site is the perfect place for your go-to fashion news, trends, and all things shiny and pretty for any girl, any size, any lifestyle, which I love!

When I got the news that Who What Wear is starting a line with Target I almost fell out of my swivel chair in excitement (literally, it got weird).  So Ellie B on a Budget and I made our way to our local Target to check out the selection, which was absolutely amazing!  There was the perfect combo of your basic go-tos all the way to your unique special occasion pieces.  Everything from pleather jackets, to cargo vests, midi skirts, and so much more is in the collection.  My favorite was the bright yellow and cobalt floral pattern tank which is seen in my photos below that was also was on skirts, dresses, and silky scarves! It was so great to see a selection of items that were in XL and size 14 #praisehands! More photos to come on my Instagram, stay tuned and get to Target STAT before all these beauties from Who What Wear are gone!


Top, Who What Wear, Target under $30

Top, Who What Wear, Target under $30

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