Fall Favorites Part II from Boho Pretty!

So after much research and countless hours of googling (well ok only 2 minutes) there appears to be no such thing as pumpkin spice apparel…a girl can dream.  So moving on from my dream into reality, chatting about my fall favs this year part II is here!  I wanted to dedicate this post to my favorite little mobile boutique, Boho Pretty!

Picking my top three favs from Boho Pretty is like picking between chocolate, double fudge brownie, and cookie dough ice cream…so hard to choose.  So in conclusion I would just choose all three and have no regrets just like my three fall favorites below! Mind you I am literally eating cream as I am typing this.  Before diving in don’t forget that if you use promocode Catherine10 you can get 10% off your order from Boho Pretty’s online store!

My first fall fav is a wine felt floppy hat that is the perfect size for street style this fall.  As coming from a girl that was unable to fit my head into the “one size fits all” helmets in softball back from my childhood days I am a full supporter of this look that won’t give you that not so nice hat hair! This look is for $32 and also comes in black.


Look number two is an amazing metallic bag for $54 that has a designer inspired look.  Believe me I am all about the “fake it till you make it” way of life when it comes to fashion.  This purse definitely has the look as though you spent $500 and with having everyone fooled you can spend that $450 extra dollars on more important things like…coffee, warm socks, and chocolate…you know, the essentials.


My third fav is of course…jewels, jewls, jewels!  Especially those of the geometric style as seen below in this chic long and layered necklace for $16.50. Also, the stone detail can take the necklace from a day to night look in a pinch!


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