Top 5 Tips to Becoming a Top Notch Consignor!

Consignment is a term that can mean very different things to many different people. Can I get a witness if you have heard ‘resale’ ‘vintage’ used’ ‘pawned’ usually followed up in the description of what consignment is.  In reality, consignment is a great way to clean out your closet, make a little cash, and find top notch name brand items for sometimes a third of the retail value in amazing condition!

Consignment can come in many forms such as womens, mens, and kids clothing, household goods, furniture, etc. Consignment shops can also be seen in numerous platforms such as brick & mortar, pop up shops, online, etc. Shops will have different policies on how your items can be consigned, but typically you can either walk in or set an appointment to have a staff member look through your items.

Items accepted typically will be set for a third of the retail value and the shop will split the cost when the items sells 50/50.  This is a great way to walk away with cash after the item sells or use for store credit!  Keep in mind that some shops typically donate the item if it does not sell after a certain amount of time, so paying attention to the vibe and style of the shop is super important so that you know what will sell best from the start!  Speaking of items that can do well at a consignment shop, see my top 5 recommendations below before setting your first appointment at your local consignment shop!

1. Length Matters!

Yes, that one year you were Minnie Mouse with that cute polka dot peplum dress that you only wore once is still in good condition, but length matters!  Although the dress was barely worn it is still important to take into consideration what the current trends are such as high-low maxis, midis, flowy skirts, etc. are the trend and most likely would sell faster:


Instead try the one below!  This dress has great length and style that can be suitable for any body type!  This also gives room for a bit of shrinking, for those just in case scenarios:


2.  The fit of a sweater makes a difference

I wear all my favorite sweaters to the end of their days, but when consignming items you do need to think, “would I buy this if I was a customer?”  Taking a step back and noticing the little details are super important. After a couple of washes and wears many sweaters can get a bit stretched out by the waist or snagged.  These two features are big no no’s like below:


Instead, sweater styles like cardigans can keep their shape pretty well and knits that are cashmere or cotton/poly blend are great go to’s:


3.  The dreaded “chaffed inside of jean pantleg”

This is how the story ends for about 90% of my jeans.  Due to wear and tear sometimes the inside of pantlegs can be worn down and most likely will be passed on.  Always make sure to double check this spot before packing those pants:


Barely worn jeans definetely can sell alot better since there is limited wear, but still broken in a bit so that you do not have to do the “fit in pants dance.”  Jeans should look more like the below on the inside:


4.  Jewelry

Many of my pieces are typically on the lower end costume jewelry and is likely to lose a gem or two after a night out of dancing to “all my single ladies” with a bit too much hand movement. Jewelry that is missing pieces or is a bit tarnished may not be accepted or donated before the item even hits the floor.  Avoid this jewelry no-no below:


5.  Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

We all have plenty of those wear from cab to restaurant back to cab heels that are b-e-a-utiful off the feet, but on can go down hill quickly (no pun intended).  From the top, some heels may be in perfect conditition like the picture below, but the main part to pay attention to is the condition of the actual heel.  Making sure the nail is not hanging out and there are no scuffs is the first place to start when rummaging through that shoe bin in your closet:


Your local consignment shop is just a Google search away and with spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to clean out that closet and make some cash! Tweet @dreamrealfash3, post on Instagram @dreamyrealistfashion, or leave a comment below YOUR consignment tips!

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