Adventures at Goodwill!

When my sister stated to me last week, “You should do a post on putting together an outfit from Goodwill?” Well sister…challenge accepted!  I have recently become more obsessed with the idea of consignment and resale clothing.  Not only for the great deals on name brands, but also the environmental message behind it.  Recycling isnt only applied to the plastic, glass, paper, etc. but also to clothing!  Yes, Goodwill & resale shops can be  hit or miss at times, but taking a bit of time to explore the racks and shelves amazing deals can be found! From my own experience the best time to hit up the resale shops are a Wednesday in the evening so that the rush of the weekend has settled and there has been an opportunity for the racks to be a bit restocked. Now time to get down to the good stuff, below are my looks that I found at my local Goodwill in Arlington:


Along with this challenge I gave myself 30 mintues to find parts of a full outfit.  One, because I wanted to show you how you can find looks even on a tight schedule and two, I was starving so I only had 30 minutes in me before I was about to go Hulk smash unless I had a carb.  I will have to admit the jeans are not from Goodwill along with the black stud earrings and watch but they still had a great selection of jeans and jewelry to select from!

The look on the left starts with the floral top that also had an open back that was $5.99, dirty gold and crystal statement necklace $4.99, lime green pleather purse $12.99, and camel boots $14.99. All pieces were in excellent condition and ready to wear! The look on the right starts with a top that was labeled Banana Republic $5.99, statement necklace $9.99, and boots are same as the left.  Also, found a glamorous pair of sunglassess for $2.99 and floral tank top labeled Banana Republic for $4.99, see below:





So check out your local Goodwill and lets keep fashion in the cycle! Follow me on  Twitter @dreamrealfash3 or on Instagram @dreamyrealistfashion

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