NYFW Recap Pt. 2- Bold Colors and Jewels Galore!

So I hope you all enjoyed that little spin on my last post that was the pt. 1 recap of NYFW chatting about the trends I spotted and how I am recreating them in some of the looks I am sharing with you all! It does make your heart flutter a bit when you see the designers come out at the end of the show to receive an applause and I honestly feel so much joy for them. I’m over here superfanning like “Yasssss way to go! You worked so hard! I want to give you a hug!”

As I was reading some articles about recaps on NYFW I came across this one in Glamour that really inspired today’s post! For my first day hitting the streets I chose a look that I could stay warm in while still making a statement. When outfit planning in reality I would love to wear a giant sleeping bag for those 20 degrees days, but I don’t know if I could make that fashion..or could I?

Anyways I spotted this Navabi pink and faux red fur dream and it gave me the perfect mix of fashion and function. Function meaning it kept me warm! If I got too warm it rested great on my shoulders and made me feel like a queen or I wore it buttoned up when it started to get windy. When it came to the runway I definitely feel like pops of color are here to stay, the bolder the better! Can’t wait to share with you guys how I wear this jacket post New York and back to my regular DC life.

Next, Glamour mentions the new length of skirt that was seen and I agree is the not too much midi, maxi, or mini…just hitting right at the ankles. I sported this style in a sequin skirt. I actually really liked this length! You could still rock ankle or tall boots with it or in warmer weather an ankle strap block heel.

Jewels and gems galore also made a statement on the runway too! Seen on dresses, skirts, accessories, and more. It was like a how bright can I shine when I enter a room. That is wear these gem sunnies came into action. At first I thought they might be too heavy to stay on my face, but they were perfect. I really didn’t need to even accessorize, because I mean…those jewels!

Stay tuned for the rest of my fashion chronicles later this week!



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