Fall Already? I’m not ready! Or am I?

The idea for this blog post came to me around September 1st. Everyone is all like “Happy Fall ya’ll” with their cute pumpkin scented candals, getting bonfire ready, and of course how can we forget the beloved, PSL, and for those of you who do not know what PSL stands for (honestly, I didn’t either until recently) Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Don’t get me wrong I love a beautiful crisp fall day and to see the changing of the seasons, but I am still aggressively sweating still in this 90 degree weather we have been having guys!

So I figured to take baby steps into getting into the fall spirit without full blown diving in I thought I would share with you guys some of my own tips and tricks for incorporating your fall wardrobe in while still rocking those summer looks for those hot days we still have left.

Mixing tapes…I mean textures- Pairing that linen sun dress and that moto jacket can be perfect for a daytime look and then transition into the night by just adding a jacket. This can also even go for pants that have a more linen texture like in my main photo. I think these contrasting textures can give you that soft/edgy look.

Photo Credit- Tenneal McNair

Kimonos are your friend- My all time favorite purchase last year was this Boohoo kimono, but with it being long sleeved it was tricky to wear in these warmer temps. Since we are the cusp of cool wearing kimonos open with a basic tee or tank underneath and jean shorts can still keep you cool and it is a piece that can be worn year round!

Photo Credit- Maxey Greene

That layer life– I love seeing tanks that can be worn with bare arms or worn with layers underneath like long sleeves. Now when I say long sleeves I would suggest a sheer sleeved bodysuit. This gives the perfect bit of layering without making you feel too hot and is perfect for evening chic.

Photo Credit- Tenneal McNair

You get a jean skirt and you get a jean skirt!– This is why I never gave up my jean skirts, because I knew they would eventually come back around again. I totally understand why! They have the fit/length to keep you cool when its warm out and the thicker material you can wear with over the knee boots when that hint of fall chill is in the air. Another great year round piece of clothing.

Photo Credit- Dasha Guyton

I love hearing your guys tricks too! What pieces do you all use year round?! Share them with me!



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