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The ” I Love your dress! Where did you get it from?” Dress…

Since moving to DC from Indiana I noticed quite a shift in how people interact with one another here. I first noticed this when I was on the Mt. Vernon running trail and as I was passing by some groups of people it is in my natural instinct to give a slight head nod or a quiet hello especially if it is not a whole lot of people you are passing. Well, in my very “Hello! I am from the Midwest, let’s be best friends forever” fashion of a polite head nod I was completely ignored by every person I passed. After 6 years here I have become used to this, but then when I go back home to Indiana and everyone and there Mother is saying hello and strangers are chatting it up with you it is like I have become that person from DC on the Mt. Vernon trail! Now I am not saying that everyone is like this, but I have a more uplifting part to this story in my recent past couple weeks in DC and it all starts with this dress from Dress Barn.

So I have worn this floral beauty to a couple of work events, happy hours, and weekend fun and I no joke have had more random conversations with people I have passed by than ever! It all started at an event I went to for my friend Dani, from Blonde in the District. I was standing outside waiting for my Uber after the event and it was my first time wearing this little beauty out and about in the middle of Dupont Circle.

As I was waiting these two women who were passing by said how cute my dress was and where did I get it and all that jazz and then after them I had two more women ask me the same thing followed by a woman by herself. So 5 total women in a period of me waiting 5 minutes for my Uber! This act of a random kindness has truly inspired me to get back to remembering how a small compliment can make someone feel so good and it does not even need to be someone that you know! Also, it does help when you have this amazing dress on too.

So this week I am going to challenge myself to give a compliment to a complete stranger once a day. I feel like it will be a bit tough, but let’s see if I can hold myself accountable to it. In the mean time I picked out for you guys my favorite floral dresses that you will for sure get compliments on too from Dress Barn on my Instagram stories! Also, follow this link to shop this dress too that is perfect for work or play!



Photo Credit: Tenneal McNair

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