Rocking my Favorite Fabric with Catherine’s!

I am not sure of where it started with my slight obsession with lace. I specifically remember by first communion dress. White, puffy, itchy, and those patent leather white mary jane shoes…ughhhh so uncomfortable. Oh right, and I also remember getting into my moms mini van and accidentally sitting on a plate of brownies that we were bringing to a party. Oh wait, that was when I was in white polyester band pants in 6th grade…maybe that story will be for another time.

What I love about lace is that it if you think about it there is a lot of history to it. From floor length mid century gowns, to 70’s vintage dresses, or even the not so well liked 80’s style puffy shoulder sleeved dresses I am sure many of you have worn for a wedding or two…ok maybe even three.

So when I came across this lace, off the shoulder, plum colored top from Catherine’s I was ecstatic to see how a classic fabric is on a modern and fun look! Oh and we can’t forget about my slight obsession with a flare sleeve…I mean it is getting a little out of hand, but in a great way. Also, this top has a slip layer underneath and you can wear it off the shoulder or you can actually wear it on as well. Can’t get enough of that bit of versatility!

Follow this link to shop the top! If you are not into an all lace situation there are so many cute looks that just have that little bit of lace detail that give a basic skirt or top that little extra touch of glam. Here is a round up of some of my favorite lace picks from Catherine’s that are perfect for spring, but you can also where while we still have this cold weather around, especially for all you east coasters!

Curvy Collection Lace-Mix Dress Touch Of Lace Top Soft Elegance Lace Dress Lace Bralette



Photo Credit LSP Art Studios

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