Let’s Chat Rompers and Jumpsuits!

When rompers and jumpsuits made a comeback I remember being very ecstatic about it! I hopped, skipped, and jumped my way to the mall to get on this trend.  Little did I realize I would leave defeated since the fit of a romper literally made me look like I picked up a garbage bag and cut holes for my arms, legs, and head.  I agree that is a really awkward visual.  Either the fit was too tight in the chest, too snug in the bottom, or overall it was just so unflattering.  More importantly I did not feel my best in it!

Flash forward a couple of years later and brands are finally getting the hang of how the fit should be for ladies that are above a size 12. One store I wanted to highlight was Forever 21! Ladies, don’t be fooled by the store title you can Forever 31, 41, 51. For romper or jumpsuit shopping my personal recommendation is as follows:

  1. Sizing– My trouble areas are in the chest in terms of fit.  My recommendation is that you may need to go up a size, no need to gasp! Also, this can be helpful for those that have other areas that may need a bit more room for comfort.
  2. Material– Material is important because it can make a look appear like you paid $100 for it, but actually is was $25. Poly blend materials are great since cotton can sometimes look like pajamas. Make sure to not dry them all the way through so they do not shrink. I am all about that air dry life.
  3. Fit– On this romper specifically I love the elastic waistband! This gives you a bit of wiggle room to feel comfortable and it gives a bit of shape to your look without having to belt it.

Since we are moving into cooler temps I gave you all some of my favorite jumpsuits to shop for fall from Forever 21.  Just throw on a leather bomber jacket and you are set for your next girls night out! Stay tuned for my recap on NYFW and Curvy Con!


Plus Size Halter Jumpsuit Plus Size Satin Jumpsuit Plus Size Maxi Skort Romper

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