Closet Clean outs with CurvyCo!

For those of you that were able to last through my 30 minute Facebook Live on the CurvyCo Facebook page I want to jump through this screen and give you a huuuuuuuge hug!!!! THANK YOU for tuning in! Especially those that were able to last through the first couple minutes of me rambling about how my AC wasn’t working and I was feeling especially sweaty or shall a say glowing? Curious of how awkward I got…well follow this link to watch on the CurvyCo FB page.

I recently collaborated with CurvyCo, which is a size 10+ online clothing shop where you can post items to sell and can shop from other oh so fashionable women’s closets as well! I am a fan of many platforms of second hand selling, but will have to say I especially love this platform because I know when browsing I am familiar with the plus size brands in terms of fit and feel since I shop most of them already. Also, there is no struggle of going through endless pages of trying to find anything above a size 12 where options can either be picked over or there is a very limited selection.

The CurvyCo platform is super easy to navigate and you can find everything from that special occasion dress to casual looks for half of the retail value.  Like I always say to my clients during closet clean outs, when you bring a new piece in make sure you take a piece out. Whether that be donating or selling on user friendly sites like CurvyCo!

The couple of photos I posted are items that I am selling directly from my closet. Tap the photo to see how my closet looks and selling is super easy just follow this link to learn more or if you have questions, throw them at me girl!

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