New look from NY and Co!

Last weekend I had a chance to run around town with a up and coming fashion blogger, my friend, Ellen!  Stay tuned for her future posts that will be chic, fun and vintage…who doesn’t love that kind of combo!  I am sure many of my blogger friends can agree we literally strolled around sipping our Starbucks in good conversation and then when we would see a brick or colored background we obviously had to make a stop to snap some photos! Can I get a praisehands emoji if you agree!

Besides boring you about chatting about unique backgrounds on this post I also wanted to share with you guys my Sunday afternoon look. I got my hands on an oversized grey long sleeved tee from New York & Co. for under $20!  This was the perfect top for the holidays from wearing on Christmas morning with comfy leggings to a night out on the town for drinks and sushi with friends wearing skinny jeans and heels!  This look may still be in store and there was also an amazing selection of different colors, material, high to low styles, sheer and so much more on sale!



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