So are you an onion or a pineapple?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen those were the exact words my mother texted me on Halloween after I sent her a selfie in my costume.  Luckily, I am in favor of now considering being an onion next year, but I guess we shall see.  In the mean time, let me see a show of hands of those out there that love Halloween, dressing up, and all that jazz, but never really actually have a plan of what you are going to do.  Welcome to my world. For the past couple of years it has been me all in a flury trying to figure out what to be, last minute shopping, getting all ready and then Halloween comes and I’m like, “sooooo now what?”

So this year I wanted to wear a costume that can fit into those “oh crap no one is wearing a costume here” kind of situation to the “oh lawd look at all these killer costumes!”  The perfect in between was this no sew pineapple costume or more like a galactic space glam pineapple, anyway you get the point.  I got this idea from scrolling through the wonderous world of Pinterest a couple of days before Halloween and found these super duper easy instructions on how to make a pineapple hat on the DIY Studio blog and of course subscribe because I mean come on its amazingly adorable!

For the body of the costume I headed over to Hancock Fabrics and picked me up some metallic gold fabric that was not too flowy so that it would give me that round shape.  With a bit of help from my roomate we basically cut a hole for my head and arms.  Then cut down the sides as if I was wearing a metallic poncho (oh next blog post idea?) then we cut the sides into three seperate sections to tie together!  Overall it was the perfect costume to eat and drink all that I wanted and no worries about sucking that tummy in…#winning




After slipping into my pineapple costume things started to swing to that route of “a gal all dressed up, but no where to go,” but then Port City swooped in like a superhero and saved the day with their Halloween bash!  If you have not heard of Port City, well then it is time you get to know them.  It is this amazing hidden gem that is located off of the highway in this industrial park, but the space is perfect!  Ongoing tours, plenty of space to chill, and the beer selection is on point!  I recommend my fav, Optimal Whit, which for all of my Whole Foods homies you can find them on the shelves there too!

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