Cross Promoting Opportunity!

As I have ventured into the exciting world of blogging (I feel like I need a Crocodile Dundee kind of accent when saying that) I have not only learned so much about myself, but also the community of individuals that inspire me everyday!

It warms my heart, yes the kind of warm heart feeling when you see a puppy dog and a baby playing, which I do not recommend youtubing unless you want to waste at least 3 hours of your life and possibly a handful of tissues since tears will be rolling down your face from the impecable cuteness.  Ok, so getting back on track…I wanted to present an opportunity to friends, family, and fellow bloggers out there for cross promoting on my blog! Cross promoting you ask, welllllll what is that all about lady?

Well, even if you were not wondering…I will tell you anyway!  In the past couple of months I have seen on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the other 8,000 social media platforms that I am on that you all are becoming mini or mega entrepeneurs in many differnent ways and I want to help promote you as well!  For example, if you have started your own blog, opened your own etsy store selling jewelry, diving into the world of makeup and hairstyling, and the list goes on!

If you feel these examples relate to you and you are looking for an opportunity to expand your outreach to build more followers and who doesn’t benefit from a bit of networking, let’s connect!  For more info on what I am babbling about you can leave a comment or e-mail me at If you have a friend that may be interested, please pass on!

Cyber jumping high five…your awesome and have a great week everyone!

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