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We have all fallen into the Pinterest trance at some point in each of our lives.  You know what I am talking about…pin, repin, like, re-like, all things shiny, DIY-ish, delicious looking, etc. and before you know it you have repinned 8 million pins, but have not made anything from the actual pin.  If there was a Pinterest Anonymous I think I may need to attend.

As for my wonderful mother, her experience on Pinterest has been very different from my own.  From the days of her making my red velvet indian costume for halloween when I was 8 years old to crocheting adorable baby hats for friends and family, she definetely has a nack for crafts!  This week’s post is dedicated to her skills and redesigning a top that I had purchased from Target last year.

As I was doing a bit of spring cleaning I pulled a couple of tops that were still in great condition, but unfortunately saw the dryer one too many times and have gone to the shrunk side.  The main issue I was having was the tightness in the neck and chest area.  After an evening convo with my mom about me babbling on about my predicament, she says “You know what I saw on Pinterest…”  from there this is the before:

Target peplum $19.99

Target peplum $19.99

With just a split down the middle of the top on the back with a fabric cutter,  silky ribbon from Jo-Ann Fabrics,  and just a quick stitch to the right and left side of the split area and wa laaaaa…you have a completely different look that is both chic and a bit more roomy!  Also, who doesn’t love a giant bow every now and then?

2015-02-22 21.31.46

Coming from a background of barely passing my final in sewing class to make pajama pants in high school…one leg may or may not have been tigher than the other…woopsy!  If you can relate, trust me this is a project that can be done by anyone as advised by my mom the sewing queen.


If you have any DIY suggestions you have done with your clothes, leave a comment!  Follow me on Twitter @dreamrealfash3 or on Instagram dreamyrealistfashion

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