The ski jacket that made falling look fashionable

When asked, “Want to go snowboarding this weekend?” My response is “Yes, amazing, awesome, let’s go!” My first thought is,”What am I going to wear?” Then I start having flashbacks of borrowing snow gear from one of my family members, which almost ended in split pants and a case of the awkwards. For a girl like myself, snow gear does not always fit so nice.  Let’s be honest, as I am gracefully falling down a mountain I want to be fashionable while doing it.

In my excursion to find a jacket  for the slopes I came to the point where everything I tried on was either too tight in the shoulders, wouldn’t zip, or was wayyyyyyyy out of my price range.  Before heading to the men’s section to see if something would fit there I held my head a bit in defeat. Then my eye caught these gloriously bright jackets aligning the walls of Sports Authority’s North Face section.  As I scanned through the sizes of small, small, small, extra small, and then the angels started harmonizing in the background “hallelujah, hallelujah, theres an extra large, there’s an extra large, there’s an extra large!”

The reason why I wanted to post about something as simple as a jacket is because one look at the price tag and I will say I was a bit hesitant. The key thing to remember when  needing to make a bit of an investment that usually cannot be found so cheap is versatility.  The jacket I found can be worn In the spring as a wind breaker and for a snowboarding adventure of course layered with a fleece zip up and long sleeves.

So if you are heading to the slopes check out Sports Authority, North Face Women’s Resolve Jacket, for $70. Check it out on their website for more colors!

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