Make a statement this holiday…statement necklace that is!

Since the holidays are upon us filled with joy, love, and quality time spent with family and friends can also include when your mother brings out the embarrassing childhood photos of you wearing gelly shoes and overalls….oh those were the days.  My holiday played out a little bit differently this year and I came across my late grandma’s costume jewelry.  As I sifted through the array of gemmed clip on earrings , brooches, and dazzling necklaces I thought about my last shopping trip at J Crew.  I came across a pair of earrings that literally looked the same as the ones that I held in my hand. Difference was I did not have to pay $40 for the pair that were in front of me.

Then my inner Martha Stewart kicked in and I thought why not remake these pieces into revamped necklaces with brooches attached for a killer statement necklace! Stay tuned for the finished product that is not only at no cost but also holds sentimental value.  Take time this holiday to explore old jewelry pieces with your family…who knows what kind of gems (literally)  that you will find!

”The most important things in life is the connection you make with others”- Tom Ford

2014-12-28 17.25.22

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