Sooooo what does a dreamy realist mean…is that even a word?

Hello there blog world! So this is how it feels to post your first  blog post… No fireworks? Balloons? Channing Tatum jumping out of an ice cream cake? All jokes aside I am excited to jump into the world of starting a casual personal blog on fashion trends, dressing for success, and building confidence… even on a budget!

That is where I came up with the name the dreamy realist fashion blog, I have always been a dreamer but making dreams a reality is what it is all about! I believe that this all starts when you open your closet or for those of us that may pick clothes out of the laundry basket (admit it we have all been there) each morning to get dressed and take on the day, what message are YOU sending out to the world? Looking forward to this new journey!

Always like to end on happy quotes, ”love yourself first and everything falls into Iine” – Lucille Ball

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