Modcloth DC FitShop Review!

Finally! Finally! Finalllllllllllly! What am I shouting about you ask?? Welp, I FINALLY made it out to the Modcloth FitShop in DC and let me tell you it is…Groudbreaking! You may also be asking what is a “FitShop” Catherine? And you may also be asking, “Catherine, I wasn’t asking any questions so why are you making it seem like I am asking questions? Well, I don’t have an answer for that second question because I feel super confused, but for the first one I have an answer for you! So hop in my little side car and let’s get to cruisin!

So if you have not shopped Modcloth before it is an amazing vintage inspired online store that has sizes ranging from 00-28! The gorgeous and unique patterns and pops of color will make you squeal with excitement! Now what makes the Modcloth store in DC different from other shops is that when you walk in you only see a limited amount of pieces on the floor.

One would think that they have limited size options, but with the helpful explanation from their friendly staff basically the way it works is that they have a certain piece on the floor in lets say a Medium for example. When you grab that piece and the associates get your room started for you, you then share with them what size you would like that piece in to try on. They will grab that from the back room and if the piece fits and you of course fall in love with it you then order the item in store and have it shipped to your house!

Yes, some of you may be thinking well I just want to buy it in store?! Well, there are some pieces you can buy in store that day and take home with you! I guess for me what is amazing about this idea is I guess I am a bit old school when I make my purchases. Buying a piece online only to return it 3 times because the fit is not right can be a bit stressful. Oh and when a majority of stores at the mall only carry their above size 14 options online this just adds to what feels like a roadblock on access to stylish pieces. So no matter your size it is nice to be able to try something on, love the fit, and then after your order is placed it will be on your doorstep in no time. Saves time on the returns and you can carry on with life.

It is also soooooo refreshing for myself to pull a size S top off of the rack and then in my fitting room that same top is in my size to try on. Bravo Modcloth!

The piece I am sporting in my photo is from Modcloth and it has become my new weekend extravaganza look! I am loving the halter top vibes with the retro color scheme. It is super light weight and can be work for a million occasions. You all know I love a versatile dress.

Have you guys been to the Modcloth DC FitShop yet?! Would love to hear about your experience!



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