Best Blog Photo Spots in Old Town!

As I am sure you have noticed I have taken a lot…I mean A LOT of photos in Old Town, Alexandria. Well, not only am I obsessed with the history it holds, the adorable colorful row houses, and of course there is always something to do. Even more so it holds a lot of memories for me that I will cherish forever. One specifically was when my sister first moved here several years ago and I had done a road trip with my Dad to visit her. I remember we were waiting for her to get off work so we parked the car on King St. and were going to just stroll around. At that time I was in my early 20’s so I had not traveled as much so I was totally blown away by how it was a place I had never seen anything like before in Indiana! With my Dad now passed, this place definitely holds a place in my heart and the memories we shared. Ok, enough with the emotions…pass the tissue box, get a drink of water, and let’s dive into what I really want to chat about today. Where the best places to take blog photos in Old Town are!

I am very fortunate that my fellow blog gal Kelly-Lynne and I work in the same area so we are able to get together easily after work to take some outfit shots and with sooooo many amazing locations in this area it makes our shooting time quick and easy with our busy schedules! Oh and can’t forget the creative eye of my photographer, Sarah, who always knows the best spots too. So if you find yourself in Old Town, here are my top 10 favorite spots!

  1. Wilkes Tunnel- This location is what you see in the photos I posted with Sarah. So it is part of the Mt. Vernon trail so beware of the bikes when trying to snap photos on here, but it feels like you are in like a scene of the Secret Garden…who remembers that movie?!
  2. The Anthenaeum– With its large light pink columns this makes for a very cool backdrop that when shot at the right angle can give you a very unique dynamic to your photos!
  3. Old Town Waterfront- Literally anywhere on the waterfront at the end of King St. will do, but I love the spot with the yellow ferry parked right outside of the Chart House is a perfect backdrop for a summertime look you may be sporting.
  4. Yellow Wall at Big Wheel Bikes– Now if you are more into colorful backdrops I definitely recommend the bold yellow wall at Big Wheel Bikes and while you are there you can get your bicycle maintenanced while you snap some pics! #multitasking
  5. Carlyle House– You may have seen in my Insta stories that my friend Kelly-Lynne got engaged here! It is the gorgeous garden right on one of the off streets of King St. with a precious gazebo and flowers galore.
  6. Right at the end of King St.- So Sarah my photographer is a genius! We were able to get these amazing crossing the street shots without disrupting traffic. Right at the end of King St. near the water there is a crosswalk that leads to a dead end so not many cars are turning, just watch out for the trolleys!
  7. Cobblestone street at Captains Row on S. Lee St.- Definitely don’t recommend walking down in it in stilettos, but it makes for an amazing shot standing right in the center.
  8. Green wall at Indigo Hotel– This is also a spot that has a multipurpose use because the restaurant in this hotel has an amazing brunch and the décor is future house goals for sure. After you stuff yourself with avocado toast and mimosas head out to the patio and there is this lush green wall with retro looking patio furniture that make for great impromptu props.
  9. The former La Cuisine Cookery Storefront at 323 Cameron St.- If you are all about pink then this is the place for you. The building is a gorgeous shade of pink that can really pop in photos.
  10. Colorful walls at office building next to Bastille– Now this is a spot that I recently found out about from my girl Dani of Blonde in the District. Right next to the restaurant, Bastille, there are the offices that are painted these fabulous shades of lavender, mint, and blues.

Oh and of course for your photos you need that perfect look to compliment these backdrops. For the Wilkes Tunnel I went with a light and fun kimono wrap dress from Ellos to match all the gorgeous greenery surrounding the tunnel. Now this dress has a huge slit up the side so I bought some of these bedazzled large safety pins to keep it closed on the side and can also double as an accessory! Can also be paired perfectly with a pair of white skinny jeans, shop it here.

Since you all are from many places, share with me your favorite place to take photos in your community!



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