Singing in the rain!

When I was in Bloomington, IN a couple of weekends ago visiting my ol Alma Mater, Indiana University, celebrating one of my best friends birthdays a girlfriend of mine said something to me that cracked me up and was also a reality check. We were walking back to the hotel in the evening and I was strolling super awkwardly. It was like a mix of my feet hurting from my shoes, walking downhill, and being super tired. Basically imagine like a duck waddling. My friend says to me “It’s hilarious how you are walking right now and on Instagram when you are “walking” it looks so perfect!” When I tuned into my duck waddling I started to look at my Instagram feed and OMG she was righttttttttt. I pose like that, do I actually walk like that in real life, that’s a hard NOPE.

As I was brainstorming on what to write about for this look of this stunning Navabi floral skirt I started to think about my friends comment and I thought why not give you guys a little back story to what photoshoots are REALLY like for me. Specifically the one pictured below.

Photo Credit- Sarah Marcella Creative

During my photoshoots I have to fit in about 3-4 looks in one hour. Each one of them making them feel like they are in a different and unique location while being on the same block. Then the art of finding places to change your looks like in coffee shops or grocery store bathrooms and trying not to aggressively sweat and have my makeup melt off my face while simultaneously taming the frizz that consumes my hair even with a touch of humidity. Moments before this actual photo we shot a look and then it started pourrrrrrrring down rain. Now not just a sprinkle, but full blown four alarm rain.

As Sarah and I ran back to find cover, ok it was more like a weird slow power walk for me trying not to get my heels stuck in the gorgeous Old Town cobblestone. Once I got back into my car we had 15 minutes before Sarahs next shoot so I had to change fast! Flash to me trying to throw on a mockneck glitter sweater top from Rent the Runway while still being soaking wet. I looked like a cat trying to find their way out of a douvet cover.

Photo Credit- Sarah Marcella Creative

Luckily my Navabi skirt slipped right on and then I threw on some earrings and shoes and we were about to hit the streets and I then realized my hair was soaking wet. Not like ohhhh looks like you just took a swim in the ocean wet, like hiiiiiii there did you just throw a bucket of water on your face for fun? Cool. With 5 minutes left I did an intense hair flip with some hair spray and we headed to the end of King St. During these photos I was thinking “Man I feel like I look like an awful sweaty mess!” Luckily Sarah is such a supportive photographer and had me posing in all the right ways.

Photo Credit- Sarah Marcella Creative

After our shoot I was not looking forward to seeing these photographs to be honest. Then she sent them to me and they blew me away! Its just hilarious how in the moment the little voice in my head starts to get the best of me and then in reality things are really not all that bad. Yes, I know these issues I had were very minimal problems in the grand scheme of life…but I thought why not give you guys a funny little look at what organized chaos looks like behind the scenes of my photos. Oh and here is a round up of some of my favorite skirts this season from Navabi!



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