Orange you excited for orange?!

When I think about wearing orange I feel like I am having a, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” fashion moment. Meaning when wearing orange I just get major Halloween vibes. Honestly, it cracks me up because I feel like I wear specific colors only during certain holidays that I would not wear any other time of the year. Okay, so Halloween…orange…St. Patrick’s Day…green…4th of July…blue. Besides those days I rarely wear these colors during the year. Does this happen to anyone else? (Insert awkward shifty eye glares and no one raises their hand) Welp, decided to break out of this habit after reading the recaps of the runway shows this year.

Refinery29 posted that orange vibes is making its way into trend this season. Exhibit A is the Carolina Herrera dress pictured above! Feeling inspired, I came across this Nicholas Pleated Orange Prairie Dress on Rent the Runway and thought I would give it a spin.  At first I felt very, Sound of Music, but this dress was the perfect shade of orange. Yes, I did picture myself twirling in a field singing at the top of my lungs…then insert me probably falling over because I am getting dizzy from spinning and having an allergy sneezing attack from all of the grass and fresh flowers.

So now that I am down with orange on dresses why not do a round up of favorites I spotted on Rent the Runway with tops, skirts, jumpsuits, and accessories! Are you guys into orange this season? Let’s discuss!



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