Anyone else have to google how to spell Gluten?

Cut to scene where you find yourself at a party and the lovely host asks what you would like to drink. A beer? Sure! Then you mosey your way over to the finger foods and apps table. Of course, you show up to this party famished and thinking yeah this could get intense. So you pick up the tiny plate thinking “oh, I will just have a little bit of this and that,” and before you know it your plate is the leaning tower of pisa, but in your head you are thinking, “well at least its still on a small plate.” Que the mix of snacking on crackers, breads, and more carbs on carbs. Guzzle down that beer and then it hits you like a freight train. I think you know what I am referring to. You sprint to the host and ask, “where is the bathroom that is literally the farthest from anyone here at this party??” Oh there is only one and it is literally next to everyone socializing? Greeeeeeeat.”

Now by no means do I have the pain that comes with celiac disease or someone that truly has a gluten intolerance, nor have I gone to my doctor to get an official diagnosis. At the end of the day when I do indulge in pizzas and carbs anything I feel lethargic and groggy after and it turns my stomach upside down into a bloating mess. Instead of just powering through it I have decided that I am going to try and take baby steps to do an over haul on my diet. Now, I am not doing this for weight loss, but to honestly just feel better on the inside! So I am going to try and do a gluten-free elimination diet for the next couple of weeks. You may be thinking, during the holidays?! Woman have you gone mad! Well, to be honest I feel like this is the time that my stomach gets flipped around so horribly and I want to tart the habit of thinking if I indulge in this I know my stomach will hurt later, is it worth it? Most likely…no!

So I am very blessed to have my friend Ellen who is totally gluten-free to help me navigate through this world with her tips and tricks. I will try and share some of this experience with you all via Instagram story, but I want to hear from you guys on what your suggestions are for going gluten-free or at least cutting back. I need all the help and support I can get, because you all know how much I love me a baguette sandwich!



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