Organizing Hack for your Purses!

I remember the houses of certain friends and family that always had that one room where you couldn’t touch anything. The overwhelming temptation of wanting to run in the room, jump on the couch with my shoes on, roll around obnoxiously, and touch literally everything was sometimes overwhelming as an 8 year old. Let me remind you that growing up we definitely did not have that kind of room.  We used each and every corner of our house!

Alas, I feel as though this upbringing has brought me now to the place of the current state of my closet.  No shoes in shoe boxes, no clothing in garment bags, no protective cases for purses…nope…none. I literally am able to touch each and every piece of clothing, shoes, or accessory that I own.  The reason why I prefer this in my closet and for my own clients is that when you are able to see all or a large majority of what you own the more likely you will wear it more often. When pieces are tucked away it feels like when I used to play hide and seek with my older sisters as a child. I would hide and they would “seek” me, but in reality they would go watch MTV while I sat in waiting. Also, who am I kidding we didn’t have MTV or cable for that matter, it was more like America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Now time to chat about my little organizational hack for purses and clutches. Let’s start with dusting off those cloth protective covers for your bags that are piled up in plastic storage boxes out of reach and bring them into the world.  Second, for those of you that own those hanging shoe racks pay attention!  You know the ones I am talking about.  They are box like, hang from the rod of your closet, holds…shoes. Well, depending on the closet space I find this type of storage a bit inefficient since shoes will most likely become piled on top of each other all disheveled like or it becomes the new storage for old sports tees you have not worn in years.  So let’s turn this into something useful!

Start with the style of the clutch or purse.  Casual at the top down to dressy at the bottom.  Typically you are not heading to the Ritz every night, unless you are and then you go girl! For those casual purses they are easy to reach and at eye level. Then organize by size from smallest to largest. The grand finale…stand them up right next to one another! I have pictured below one of my most recent closet clean out sessions with a client where we put this hack into action.  This will keep the condition of the purse to last longer, you can see them better, and it saves space!

Thank you for tuning in friends, now get to organizing!

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