Welcome to the wonderful world of overpacking!

When getting organized it is not only important to give your closet love and care, but also even when you are packing for a trip! Anyone else pack their whole closet when just going for a long weekend? My favorite meme I saw recently was something along the lines of oh, I haven’t worn this top in years I guess I will bring it along with 50 other tops for a one night stay.  It had me cracking up, but then the record screech came on and I was like wait, that is me for real!

So I know that when packing for trips you may be short on time, packing up your kids things too, and the list goes on!  I wanted to share with you my top 3 packing tips going into a long weekend to not only make sure you are bringing only what you need, but also to save money so you are not buying duplicates of pieces you already have in your closet! Here we go:

  1. Jot it Down– I know this can be hard with a busy week, but it is so important! I have gotten into the habit of jotting down a quick day to day itinerary of what my plans are for each day.  This gives you a bit of a visual for starting to think about for what activities with what outfit you may need.
  2. Piles on Piles– After I jot this list I make sure I don’t lose it! Then it is time to hit that closet.  I lay out outfits day by day in piles.  Literally from head to toe what I would be wearing for daytime activities such as hiking or swimming to night time with dresses, accessories, and shoes. After the day to day pile I will also have a pile that is my multiple wear pile, which are typically transitional pieces such as shorts, casual tanks, etc.
  3. Roll Out, Roll Out– There are so many ways to pack your luggage and so much advice out there! I am not telling you guys anything knew, but what has worked best for me is rolling my clothes and lining them up next to one another, it definitely saves space and surprisingly doesn’t wrinkle my clothes as bad.

Here is also a round up of dresses that are easy to pack and are so versatile when traveling for any occasion from birthdays, bachelorette parties, brunches, weddings, or just a good ol weekend getaway!

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    Jonelle Zachary
    May 31, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    I love the tips from this post!! Very helpful!! It really does help, when day by day, you know whay you will be doing, so you can pack accordingly!! But what is your tip on accessories?!

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