My Top 3 Hanger Recommendations and Where to Buy Them!

So you may have seen on my Instagram that I am combining my side business, Take 2 Styling, with my blog! So in a nutshell Take 2 Styling is all about making the most of your existing wardrobe. During consultations I help you break down your closet into mixing and matching pieces that you have may have never thought worked together and then make recommendations on staple pieces to add to your closet.  Also, mainly my services are about clearing the clutter.  Meaning yes it is time to retire the sparkle belts from, The Buckle, that you got in the mall from the early 2000’s. Then I organize by season, sleeve length, style, etc.  Not only do I help minimize & organize, but I will also donate your items to organizations like Dress for Success & Goodwill!

So now that you have a bit of background of what Take 2 Styling is all about I wanted to let you guys know that I am going to try and do 1-2 posts about making the most of your closet every week. Whether it is organizing advice or just little tips and tricks to help your closet feel clean and your mind too.

In every closet consultation the number 1 piece of advice that I like to give to my clients when organizing is all about your hangers…yes hangers! Now I know this may seem like a very simple piece to the puzzle, but it is a very important one.  You want to show appreciation to your clothing and give them longevity to wear for multiple seasons so your hanger choice is key.  You know those awkward little camel looking bumps that look like are coming out of your shoulder? Well, it is because of the hangers you are using! I recommend the thin, velvet feeling, space saver hangers for the pieces you hang such as tops, tanks, dresses, pants, etc.  These hangers save you so much space, secures those pesky silk or poly blend tops that don’t stay on the hanger nice and neatly, and the rounded edges will not give you those lumpy shoulders.  Here are my top 3 recommended stores on where you can get the best deals for these hangers! “Hang” around (couldn’t help myself) later this week for a style post featuring one of my favorite local online boutiques!

  1. Real Simple Slimline 50-count Flocked Suit Hangers | Bed Bath & Beyond | $30.00

2. Joy Mangano Ivory Huggable Hnagers | The Container Store | $7.64/pack 

3.  Flocked Thin, No-Slip Hangers, 70-pack | Costco | $18.99/pack

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