Enchiladas for Dayssssssss…

Not only are enchiladas an amazing and versatile food that you can literally make in any fashion depending on your taste buds, but who doesn’t love food that reminds you of tiny sleeping bags for my beans and peppers.  This also reminds of of literally the cutest video on earth for your viewing pleasure, a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito, your welcome.

Now that we got chatting about rodents and sleeping bags out of the way onto what my post is all about today, enchiladas! Last week I came across a Buzzfeed article about 18 Make Ahead Meals to and Snacks to Eat Healthy Without Even Trying which was all about how to plan your week for meals and for those who are short on time taking a night to knock out making meals for the week this is the perfect site!  When anything says “without” and “trying” in the same sentence…my ears perk up like “wait, say wha?”

This recipe I tried out is from this adorably titled site, “two peas & their pod.” I would definetely recommend using the flour tortillas as stated in the recipe since corn has a tendency to tear apart a bit easier, definitely have experienced this literal “#hotmess.”  I love the addition of Greek yogurt as well for a bit of a healthy twist, but I will admit I hopped on the sour cream train for this recipe.  Pretty sure I literally said “treat yo self!” as I scooped a heaping dollop into my dish.  This recipe is also perfect if you have any leftover veggies you need to use by the end of the week just toss them in with the onions and sautee them up! See pics below for start and grand finish of this amazing recipe for summer!










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