Dreamy Realist Cooks!

Here I go head first or spoon first I guess into a new phase of my blog, Dreamy Realist Cooks!  I promise there will be no posts about Lady Gaga style meat dress circa early 2000’s, but I can’t make any promises. Also, did I use the word circa correctly? Anywho, my posts will be all about recipes I have done from other food bloggers, online recipes, or those that I conjur up myself after a glass of liquid confidence (aka wine).

My first post I want chat about is the trend of muffin pan meals!  Who knew muffin pans could go viral like when Kim Kardashian dyed her hair platinum blonde!  If you don’t believe me just search muffin pan meals on Pinterest.

The one I wanted to share with you was from a post I came across on Pinterest by the Secrets of a Dietician.  I would definitely recommend to be generous on the no stick spray and I actually had no milk so I left it out of this recipe, but they still turned out great. The recipe on this site was quick, easy, and you can mix it up in terms of the veggies and other savory mix ins you want to add! For sure a keeper, happy eating!


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