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What Would Dolly Do?

On my commute last week I tuned into my usual episode of Straight Talk with Ross Matthews. No joke, this show literally has me laughing out loud in my car. Even more awkward is when I am on a run listening to the episode and I just start hysterically laughing alone in public. The episode I tuned into was about Ross’s adventure to Dollywood! Literally it had me cry laughing once again so you all need to go have a listen to it immediately.

After all of the posts over the weekend dedicated to all the hard working mamas or women that have played major influences in our lives it got me to start thinking. Of course the influential women in my life that I see in my day to day like my mom, sisters, aunts, best friends, came to mind, but also women that I admire from afar. So why not give a shout out to my girl Dolly Parton!

Of course, yes I love her songs but even more I love how much of a boss woman she is. She is not only a musician but also an actress, philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, fashion icon, and so much more! Guys she literally has a theme parked named after her!!!!! Can’t forget her collection of iconic quotes my favorite especially, “It’s hard being a diamond in a rhinestone world,” and “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap!”

I truly love how she wears what she wants and dang she wears it so well! Sometimes I think we all need to be a bit more like Dolly. Wear those gold heels, buy that sequin jacket, or that bold red lipstick! Just think WWDD…What Would Dolly Do?

So since we are always talking fashion around here I did a round up of some of my favorite Dolly looks from over the years. Oh and forgot to mention this tee was given to me from my girl Dani of Blonde in the District for my birthday, best…gift…everrrrrrrr! I feel like this satin bomber jacket from Navabi is also a perfect addition to my Dolly vibes, I think it would be Dolly approved. Ok so tell me who is your style icon that you admire?



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