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My new bff…Lane Bryant!

The sweat that starts dripping from your brow, short of breath, feeling dehydrated. Yes, this may sound like I am describing how you feel after an amazing run or spin class but actually I am describing how I felt at the mall last month trying to find the perfect dress for an event that was totally last minute. Believe me it was not a pretty sight.

Photo Credit- In11Views Photography

In prior posts as you all may know I try to make sure whatever I purchase or bring in new to the Dreamy Realist closet community that one piece of clothing gets sold on Poshmark or donated to Dress for Success.  With that comes the moment when a last minute event comes up and you did not plan ahead for it.  Personally, I have a hard time just popping into some stores and being able to find a fit and style that I dig.  Well in my mission to find this dress among the early AM mall walkers I went to all my usual go-to’s in a mall. The challenge also was that I was out of town and not at my local favorite Pentagon City Fashion Center.

So I will be honest I usually do not shop at Lane Bryant surprisingly. Well, this was my last stop on my empty handed situation and what do you know I pop in and spot this black and white, three quarter length, fit & flare dress with a cute scoop neck detail front and center of the store.  It fit like a dream and it has the perfect material that will keep its shape, while giving me shape!

Ok now get your keys girl and get over to Lane Bryant to see more of their spring looks, I will for sure be back again! Share with me your last minute shopping stories!

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