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Holiday Dress Picks from Eloquii!

Now that Halloween has come and gone and we can finish up the last of your snickers bars and wiping the fake blood from your nose from being Eleven from Stranger Things the holidays are right around the corner!  Between the office parties, family dinners, and gift wrapping thinking ahead about what you will be wearing is one thing to cross off the list.  For my top 3 picks from Eloquii I went with a bit of a theme. I am sure as you scroll through you can guess it is lace!

I love this first look for the ladies out there that want to have a great transitional piece that can be worn to the Christmas gift exchange all the way to the office meetings after the holidays. My recommendation would be to pair this under a blazer for a more professional look, two for one deal…woot woot!

My second favorite is these lace crop pants that were just recently added to the Elloqui website!  Not only do these appear to be top notch in the comfort department they also give a very elegant chic look.  Pairing with a sequin fun top or a metallic blend can also be a perfect look for a New Years Eve shin dig!

This third look is great for the gal that loves just a pop of lace.  The detail on the sleeves and neckline on this look gives it that perfect touch of glam! The color combination can be great for a dressed up look with statement earrings and heels or for a casual look with knee high boots and a long sleeveless black trenchvest. Which one of these looks is your favorite?

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