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Breaking all the fashion rules while in stripes!

This week I feel like I am on a roll with the #bodypositivity train…choo choo! I promise to not break out into the song, “come on ride the train and ride it, woo woo!” Well, maybe for just a little bit…come on you have to admit this is one of your favorite wedding songs. So not only talking about dancing and trains, but also wanted to fill you guys in on how I also have been feeling a bit rebellious lately as well.  Rebelling against the fashion rules that is! So in the past from reading fashion magazines about tips on dressing best for your body type I have compiled two rules that I am breaking in the same look.  Yes, some advice I can agree with, but others I have a bit of a hard time with.  So, here are two that I have heard one to many times.

Rule number 1:  “Wearing horizontal stripes it will make you look wider.”

I believe that this style tip is all in the eye of the beholder.  I personally do not believe that the pattern on this dress makes me appear that way.  The most important thing to me on this dress was comfort and I felt great in it! So I paired this horizontal striped black and white jersey shift dress with a casual blazer.  This look is perfect for if you have a more casual office setting, but need to keep it professional.

Rule Number 2: “Wearing ankle boots will make your legs look stubby”

Yes, I agree I do not have legs like a giraffe, but I do know what I like in terms of a look of a boot.  Forget about the length of my legs I wanted to recreate a Alexander Wang look on the cheaper side and I did with this Old Navy pointed bootie! Talk about savings and recreating a look in a less expensive way!

What style rules are you breaking?

Dress, Old Navy, under $40 | Blazer, Nordstrom Rack, under $50 | Boots, Old Navy, under $40 | Tote, Old Navy, under $40

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